Compare the cost on your monthly bill with the cost offered in the aggregation offered in the Township Aggregation Program for Bethlehem Township.

Electric Aggregation

Bethlehem Township Electric Aggregation

The goal of an Aggregation is to secure lower pricing for a group. Bethlehem Township Board of Trustees would like for residents take advantage of the cost savings of the Townships’ Aggregations.

Our Electric Aggregation is set at a cost of either .$.0463/kWh or $.0472/kWh for 100% Green until May 2024 for all Ohio Edison and AEP customers in Bethlehem Township. Call Energy Harbor customer service at 888-254-6349 to enroll in the "Bethlehem Township (Stark County) Electric Aggregation.  You will need your Ohio Edison or AEP Acct #.

The Township has two Electric Aggregations. One for A.E.P (Ohio Power) and one for Ohio Edison. Our aggregations are with Energy Harbor. You can view what the rates are and you can view more details to make an informed decision. You can also join your aggregation using the Energy Harbor website: your-program


Scroll down to Bethlehem Township – Stark County and click on the blue arrow to the right of your utility company.

The A.E.P. (Ohio Power) has two options: Carbon Free (100% emissions free) or Green Energy (100% renewable energy)

In May of 2021, Ohio Edison customers will also have the two options to choose from but for now there is only one option.

We hope this benefits you all!


Electric Aggregation Electric Aggregation